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Issue Number 33

The 17. SS “Götz von Berlichingen” (PA) War Journal


After all the fighting of the 17th “GvB” Aufklärungs Abteilung had gone through this turbulent year for the Heimat, the orders to guard a civilian refugee train seemed like a picnic. Members present for this detail at Hamburg, PA on October 22, 2005 were:

Untersturmfuhrer Dwayne Slepetz                   Oberschutze Allen Brenneman

Unterscharfuhrer Bill Person                           Oberschutze Robert Brenneman

Rottenfuhrer Randy Knauss                             Schutze Rekrut Doug Perdick

Oberschutze Marc Kawalsky   

The Oberschutze Brennemans arrived at the assembly point a day early and slept the rainy night in a Zeltbahn and a Blitz truck. Oberschutze Robert Brenneman developed an infection in his tonsils and had to get a medical excuse to find a dentist so we were down to one good Soldat. (Hope all is better Robert!) The rest of us arrived the morning the train was scheduled to pass by our location. The weather was dreary and the rain came down hard all day. At least we weren’t in the field.

After the usual delays, the train arrived. Us Soldaten boarded and took up guard positions. We were told that the Amis were advancing in the general area, but seeing them would be remote. No chances were being taken though. Other passengers were two Kettenhunds guarding a drunken Soldat and a loud Volksturm NCO plus train personnel.

The trip was surprisingly short and uneventful. Were the Allies really that close to our homeland’s borders? It was a sobering thought. The train arrived at a station and we offloaded to see with the boarding off passengers. Several were relieved that we were here to escort them. One little old Frau took a liking to our Untersturmfuhrer and said it was great to see elite soldiers like us helping out.

Everyone boarded the train in an orderly fashion and we departed. Again, the ride back was uneventful and reminded many of us of the days before the war. That euphoria was suddenly broken by the exclamations of the Volksturm NCO loudly announcing that Yanks were reported near the rail line! Our Kleine Unterscharfuhrer asked how many Amis were seen but it was unknown. Oberschutze Kawalsky and Schutze Rkt. Perdick were involved in a skirmish with the Yankee dogs yesterday when they slipped through our lines and holed up in a cement factory. Confident that no one could get to them, Oberschutze Kawalsky and Schutze Rkt. Perdick, along with only a few other brave Soldaten, thwarted the enemy by finding an unguarded side entrance and wiped them out! Rkt. Perdick’s newly issued G43 certainly helped in the firepower category.

The train arrived at our destination and the 17th got off first to check the area out. Other Landsers from various other units were also there to protect the refugee train after the report of Amis in the area had gotten out.

Suddenly, when all seemed safe, shots rang out! A swarm of Yankee dogs appeared in the rail yard. Uscha. Person emptied his High Power at them as the 17th jumped off the passenger cars to protect the civilians. Ustuf. Slepetz slipped on the slippery ground and was helped to safety by Oberschutze Allen Brenneman as bullets zinged by.

Us Soldaten fought a slow retreat to keep the Yanks away from the train and allow the refugees a chance to get away. We moved out of the rail yard and towards a warehouse – all the while trading shots with the enemy to keep them distracted. Rottenfuhrer Knauss’s Mauser heated up with the pouring out of round after round into the enemy.

At the warehouse, “GvB” and others ran inside to lure the Amis in. Close-in fighting occurred and after a few short minutes the Allies were decimated. We mopped up, then headed back to the train to check on the passengers. All were safe.

Afterwards, the rain came heavy and no more Yankee dogs showed up. Apparently, we were hit by a recon element and us Soldaten wiped them out. Anyway, the civilians were safe and that was what mattered. The train made one more trip without incident.

After a quick bite to eat, the 17th “GvB” felt that their mission was accomplished and headed for home. Our citizens and country could feel safe because Soldaten, like the 17th, were on guard against the Allied menace!


After-Action Report


Götz Heil!

Unterscharfuhrer Person