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    Die Eiserne Faust

Nummer #36          17. SS “Götz von Berlichingen” Abteilung KriegNachrichten



The Aufklärungs Abteilung of the 17th WSS Götz von Berlichingen was once again called to be in the spearhead in the struggle to push back the Allies and their masses of men and material. Members present were:

Unterscharfuhrer Bill Person               Sturmann Marc Schneider      

Untersharfuhrer Randy Knauss            Oberschutze Chris Karr           

Rottenfuhrer Allen Brenneman            Schutze Doug Perdick            

            The operation was codenamed “Nordwind” and held at Ft Indiantown Gap on March 17-18, 2006. Our leaders sought to stabilize the front lines after the titanic struggle recently in what the Allies are calling the Battle of the Bulge. We, along with several units including Luftwaffe ground units and Heer units, were to probe a section of no man’s land and attack the weak areas. Unfortunately, the Yankee and Tommy dogs we were facing were fresh replacements and quickly got us in a defensive fight. If not for the courage and tenacity of a great many Soldaten, more ground would have been given up than there was. The Allies paid dearly in blood for what gains they did make. The fighting in the West will be especially hot in the Spring of this year.

After-Action Report

·         Congrats go out to Schutze Perdick on this being his sixth battle that he participated in. The General Assault Badge has been bestowed upon him.

·         A unit meeting was held after the battle. Some concerns regarding certain awards were ironed out.

o        For the Tank Destruct Award, some original rules regarding it were found and the rest were hashed out. This is the official list. Total for a badge is 15 points. No rollover of excess points – start at zero every time. Maximum award available is one Gold Tank award.

§         Jeeps – 1 Point

§         Deuce and a half truck, ¼ ton truck, command cars – 2 points

§         Half-track, M8 armored car, Diamler armored car – 4 Points

§         Fully tracked and armored vehicle (i.e. tank with cannon) – 15 Points

Motorcycles do not count. Special instances will be judged case by case.


o        Close Combat Clasp – Event must have no armor support on the axis side, which means no tracked type vehicles present. (That includes half-tracks)

§         25 events (bronze)

§         50 events (silver)

§         75 events (gold)

        Unterscharfuhrer Person has a list going back to October of 1999 on what events count if anyone doesn’t know their total.


·         Sturmann Schneider was able to knock out two armored cars at this battle so he becomes the second member in the GvB to achieve the Tank Destruct Award. Congrats! Sturmann Schneider also received news from the Heimat that his wife, Trish, gave birth to their first child, Ruslan Alexander. They have the honor of starting the next generation of defenders of the Heimat!

·         The 17th GvB received good compliments of performance in the field with following orders, fighting capacity, etc. Thank you for your dedication. We must continue to strive to be the best “little” unit in the hobby. Taking shortcuts or cutting corners for the sake of a few dollars or effort will not get us far.

·         Future events ( info and registration sent to all members)

o        Broadheadsville, PA April 22

o        Hamburg, PA May 6-7


Götz Heil!