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    Die Eiserne Faust

Nummer #37          17. SS “Götz von Berlichingen” Abteilung KriegNachrichten



Once again, the 17th Aufklärungs Abteilung (Götz von Berlichingen) was depended upon to plug a gap in the lines caused by the menacing Allies. This time it was on a southern portion of the West Front working with Legion Italia. Members present at this event in Brodheadsville, PA on July 29, 2006 were:

Unterscharfuhrer Bill Person               Sturmann Jim Helm    

Rottenfuhrer Allen Brenneman            Schutze Doug Perdick            

            Also joining the Abteilung were two capable Soldaten, Schutze Rekrut Chris Herr and Schutze Rekrut Wil Heffelfinger.

            Because of the ever-present Luftgangsters, our unit made its way to the battlefield over various routes with most arriving at daybreak. The 17th then assembled with Kameraden in the 1st LAH unit commanded by Uscha. Rich Moran. The morning was already steamy with it getting hotter as the sun climbed into the sky. Other units present were the 9th WSS Hohenstaufen, 10th WSS Frundsberg, 28th Gebirgsjager, and a Fallschirmjager unit.

            The terrain of this section of the front was a large open field with a thick pine forest and woods surrounding it. This area had seen previous fighting and had various old foxholes scattered about and rusted out vehicles decaying among the trees. Because of the woods, the Allies wouldn’t be able to utilize their vehicle advantage and the fighting would be close and fierce.

            Uschas. Person and Moran made sure that all had extra water in addition to their basic kit. Schutze Perdick’s G-43 had been given to the division’s Waffenmeister for repairs so our firepower was lacking a bit. All Soldaten readied themselves for a tense day.

            Due to a typical communications foul up, the 17th and 1st LAH were the last to move into the line. We took positions among the pines and foxholes near a road junction with Legion Italia. Rttf. Allen Brenneman and Schutze Perdick took forward positions as spotters while the rest of us covered the LAH’s MG-34 crew.

            The Yankee dogs soon came forward as usual with their vehicles leading the way. One Jeep was quickly taken out by Uscha. Person’s rifle grenade creating a bottleneck and forcing the Allies into the MG-34 fire. Our weapons heated up with all the targets scurrying about.

            After creating this initial havoc, small squads of Landsers started pulling back into the pines to play a dangerous cat and mouse game with the Amis. The Allies seemed confused and intimidated by the terrain so they stayed to the trails and were picked off easily. Ami officers pushing their men suffered horribly as they were knocked down by Mauser fire from Strm. Helm and Schutze Rkt. Heffelfinger hiding in the brush. Our superior camo was utilized as Shutze Rkt. Herr nailed 5 GIs without them ever discovering the source of fire.

The 17th and LAH held their flank so the Allies went around us, over a macadam road and into another wooded area. We then pulled around to bolster Axis defenses among the trees and rusted war machines. The battle seemed confusing as it continued all around us while we held our positions. We Soldaten then got the word that another unit had captured an Ami fieldpiece and brought it back to our lines! The Americans were enraged that this occurred and counter-attacked in an effort to get it back.

            Rttf. Brenneman reloaded clip after clip into his Gewehr as Schutze Perdick popped off shots from his “leafy” camo position. Uscha. Person and Moran along with some Fallschirmjagers moved on the right flank to keep the enemy herded in. It worked in our sector but the field gun was apparently re-captured and hauled off.

            The heat of the day started taking its toll so the 17th quickly sat down to rest and broke out Essen from our Brotbreudel. We watched as other Soldaten ate and cleaned weapons to keep them running. The sweat of combat had soaked us all through.

            It was then back to positions - facing the other way - as word came down of yet another probe being made by the Yanks. Strm. Helm found a nice V-shaped tree trunk, took aim and picked off the first foolish Ami that showed his face! The battle was on again! Us Soldaten slowly gave ground as we moved back to a road. Schutze Rkt. Herr briefly charged a group of Yanks, so surprising them that they laid down a smoke screen to get away from him!

            We reached the road in good order and made our way back to our original assembly area. Another attack was then ordered to drive the Amis off of the cleared filed. We felt this was a bad idea, but orders were orders. Two other units took the front skirmish line while we supported the left rear flank. After cresting a hill, there lay the Allies complete with artillery support! While the rest charged vainly forward, our group laid down a smoke screen and tried to flank. It was soon obvious that this wasn’t going to work and we pulled back, confident that we gave the Yanks enough of a thrashing today.

            Back at camp, we stacked Gewehrs, slipped out of our heavy equipment loads, and quenched our thirst – all the while trading stories of today’s action with Kameraden. Schutze Rkt. Heffelfinger was especially ecstatic! Despite the heat and the odds, the 17th “GvB” once again prevailed. Another job well done!


After-Action Report

·         Decent event at Brodheadsville for its first time. The weather sure goes to extremes at this location! From the 30’s and rainy in April to the 90’s in July. This did test one’s endurance.

·         Congrats to our two new recruits, Chris Herr and Wil Heffelfinger on their first event with the “GvB”. We hope that both enjoyed the event and meeting our Kameraden for the first time.

·         The Odessa paperwork was mailed out July 26 by Priority Mail. A number of members are planning to head up Thursday, Sept 7. People who are interested contact Uscha. Person. We hope to do some reconnaissance training, courtesy of Uscha. Knauss.

·         Qualification Shoot? Picnic? Let me know if you want to do these things before or after Odessa.


Götz Heil!