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                            Die Eiserne Faust

Nummer #40          17. SS “Götz von Berlichingen” Abteilung KriegNachrichten  


Division Order of the Day (originally dated May 4, 1945)  

“After its glorious actions both offensive and defensive, 17.SS-Panzer-Grenadier-Division “Götz von Berlichingen” has ceased to exist.

Hardly had it been raised than the Division was thrown into the fiercest battles and constantly fought the enemy with abnegation.

With no regard for losses, it has always put up very tough resistance to the enemy; wherever things were the hardest and decisions were sought, the “Götz von Berlichingen” Division was there, especially in the battles before and for the Westwall, at the time of engagements in and around Nuremberg, and the Jagst and Kocher sectors. The Division is the last to have held out to the very end. To each soldier of the Division individually, the strength must be given to look to the future with pride and each man must keep within him the firm conviction that Germany will be reborn from its ashes.

Let our model be for us and for always Adolf Hitler. Long live Germany.”  

Signed: Bochman

SS-Oberfuhrer u.Div.Kdr.



On February 4, 2007 a meeting was held with the following members represented:

Bill Person                   Marc Schnieder           Wil Heffelfinger           Ryan Crawford

Randy Knauss              Doug Perdick              Allen Brenneman

Chris Herr                    Chris Karr                    Bob Brenneman

At that meeting, concerns by several members were brought up on the present state of our position in the local reenacting community and what could be done. Apparently, because of our small unit size and lack of vehicles, any influences in the filed have dwindled for us and this is leading to unfavorable positions at events, including not being invited to events.

This seemed to reach a climax during this year’s Bulge campaign at Ft. Indiantown Gap and the fact that GvB was not invited to GD’s event at the same location in March.

In order to keep our group intact and continue enjoying events, alternatives were checked out before hand. Doug Doyle of the 9th WSS Hohenstaufen made the offer to accept us into his unit as a whole entity with any and all rank, positions, and awards intact, albeit with a new cuff title. Randy Knauss, Chris Karr and Doug Perdick had been in contact with Mr. Doyle previously about this.

Bill Person brought this to a vote before all attending members and these members voted to accept the offer. (George Skrapits was contacted later and said he was in favor, as of this writing of this journal Jim Helm was still uncertain)

Dues for the 9th WSS Hohenstaufen are $120/year, except this year will be $100 for us since we were not with them at the Bulge. No initiation fee will be charged either.

Thus ends the 17th WSS GvB (PA) after an existence of over seven years in the field. Dues will be returned to each individual. Members of 1 year or less will get $15 while members who had been in longer will get $15 plus their share of the remainder divided evenly.

I wish to thanks all members for making out „little“ unit what is has been. The memories of good times on and off the field and the people that I had the privilege to be associated with will always be cherished. The „GvB“ will always be the first in my heart. Good luck to everyone!

                                                            Götz Heil!

                                                            William Person