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G.v.B Awards & Decorations


This is not a complete list of medals and awards one can earn. All other Medals and Awards will be reviewed by the commanding officer and his 2nd in command. 

General Assault Badge:

Bronze: Automatic after 6 events

Wound Badge:

Black: 2 injuries
Silver: 7 injuries
Gold: 10 injuries

(Wounds must be inflicted by the enemy in battle, due to enemy carelessness, or may be awarded as seen fit by the commander.)

Close Combat Clasp: 

Bronze: after 30 events

Silver: after 50 events

Gold: after 75 events

(Awarded for participation at non-armor supported events)

Tank Destruct Badge:

Accumulation of 15 or more "vehicle kill" points.

(Must be done with a hand grenade, Panzerfaust, or other hand held weapon. Must be witnessed by at least two unit members, or by the Allied admission.) NO motorcycle targets!!!!

Iron Cross:

2nd Class: For activities above and beyond the call of duty

1st Class: Awarded for leadership as seen fit by the commander

1939 Clasp to the Iron Cross:

Automatic to members over the age of 40 who hold the Iron Cross 1st and 2nd Class.

Driver's Badge:

Bronze: 2 battles
Silver: 10 battles
Gold: 10 battles

Awarded for driving a four or more wheeled or tracked vehicle during the duration of a battle.

War Merit Cross:

1st w/ swords: Awarded to unit members who are veterans of the U.S. Armed Forces


Honor Clasp:

An act of bravery must be witnessed by the unit C/O or the second in command.

(You must already have the Iron Cross 1st and 2nd class)

Old Fighter Chevron:

Automatic to members over the age of 40.

Parachute Badge:

 Awarded after three solo parachute jumps.