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A Soldier's Appearance

Every re-enactor shall have a 1940's soldier appearance; here is a list of rules each member must follow:

1. Hairstyle- each member must have military style haircut; the style is le8 to the discretion of the individual. Hair will not touch the collar of the tunic. No beards are permitted at all.
2. Mustaches- only a certain percentage of members will be permitted to wear mustaches. Final decision will be made by the unit commander.
3. Eyeglasses- if the member wears glasses he must either wear contacts, or a period style of glasses. (Easily obtained at a flea market or antique shop). Absolutely no sunglasses are permitted.
4. Jewelry- all jewelry must be period style, no modern jewelry is permitted. No modem watches are to be worn. NO piercings will be worn, either facial or of the ears.
5. Tobacco- no modern lighters or matchbooks, you should use a period lighter or stick matches. Cigarette packets should be a period brand or you should use a cigarette holder. Please be courteous when smoking, not everyone enjoys your addiction. Absolutely no chewing tobacco.
6. Absolutely NO East German uniforms or gear allowed.
7. While at an event you will maintain a professional attitude; both with other re-enactors and the public.
8. Remember that re-enactments are generally done on an honor basis; take hits and relax for a few minutes.


l. Every re-enactor must be in uniform in the field. No civilian clothes will be worn unless approved by the unit commander and the authenticity inspector.
2. The 17th SS unit is a late war unit formed in 1943. With this in mind each member, unless prior service with another unit or branch of service, should wear a M43 style uniform.
3. Depending on the weather and time of year members have the choice between the wool uniform and the HBT uniform. Proper rank must be worn at all times except for dress dinners. (This is when you want to show off that expensive new uniform you bought)
4. All uniforms will be kept clean and in good repair. Only awards that were issued and documented will be allowed to be worn on the combat tunic. (Dinner uniforms are your discretion)
5. In the field; the stahlhelm MUST be worn at all times. During ceremonies and in camp or barracks a soft cap may be worn.
6.We are a re-enactment unit not a political unit so under no circumstance will you be permitted to wear the uniforms of the Brown Shirt or the Allgemeine styles. NO EXCEPTIONS!!
7. Each member is required to wear the correct shoulder boards. Black shoulder boards with golden yellow piping. NOTE: Do not mistake golden yellow for light canary yellow which was worn by the Signals Units.


1. Jackboots may be worn over the wool or Herring Bone Twill (HBT) trousers. If riding or operating a vehicle have respect for it by not wearing hobnails.
2. When wearing camouflage pants only low quarter boots with gaiters or rolled gray socks will be permitted.
3. Period style boots or low quarters must be worn at all times.
4. In event of cold weather felt top boots may be worn to replace other footwear.


1. SS camouflage will be worn only. No Italian, No Wehrmacht, No Luftwaffe, ETC.
2. The smock you wear should match your helmet cover; both in pattern and in seasonal side.
3. During hot weather you need not wear your tunic if you are wearing a smock; but an authorized collared gray undershirt must be worn. T-shirts will not be permitted for use at all. (This includes unit T-shirts). 4. Camouflage being worn must coincide with the time of season re-enactment is being held.
5. No Dot44 camouflage hats or helmet covers. NO exceptions.
6. If wearing an SS zeltbahn for camouflage you must wear a tunic.
7. Dot44 tunic and pants may be worn over your wool uniform during winter months.
8. SS reversible winter parka and pullover pants may be worn. Parkas may be worn alone with wool pants.
9. Dot44 trousers will not be worn with camouflage smocks.
10. White camouflage suits may be worn when snow is present on the ground.

Cold Weather Wear

l. Greatcoats may be worn in conjunction with any other winter uniform.
2. If weather is extremely cold any authentic looking winter uniform may be worn; check with unit commander and authenticity inspector.


1. Any member who has a visible tattoo must have it covered by either their tunic sleeve or (in hot weather) a wound bandage must be applied.
2. On the battle field "I got you, I got you! ! !" is not an accepted practice and is just annoying.
3. Under NO circumstance will bayonets be affixed! ! ! ! ! ! !
4. Under NO circumstance will live ammo be allowed! ! ! !
5. Members will take orders from any and all ranking officers.
6. All members are subject to inspection.
7. Any member found to be a danger to himself or others can and will be ejected from this unit. We are here for fun, not a dangerous time.
8. Keep care not to go in front of any vehicle as the driver may not see you. Remember not all these vehicles can stop on a dime!
9. Hand grenades and any other explosives MUST be safety checked. (Remember if you trust it exploding in your lap the allies will trust you throwing it at them). SAFETY FIRST! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
10. Keep in mind the 25 foot rule for shooting somebody. Blanks do throw out powder and it can seriously hurt someone.
11. A full canteen of water must be carried at all times.
12. Any food carried must be in a period style containers. No modern wrappers or boxes.


Weapons will be of German manufacture only. No battlefield pickups. Under no circumstances will live ammo be allowed.
Weapons will consist of the following:
98k rifle
Broom handle Mauser
Mg 42
P08 Luger
P38 Walther
Remember automatic weapons (class 3) MUST have legal paperwork present with the firearm. The 17th SS GvB living history unit will not tolerate any illegal firearms. Anyone found in possession of one will be ejected from the unit no questions asked.
Any member carrying a sidearm must have a period looking holster. Private purchase, custom made or shoulder holsters are not accurate and will not be allowed.
Any members who make or use hand grenades or other explosives should use common sense when making or using them. Use only enough black powder to blow up the casing. Casings should be made of soft plastic, cardboard, or papier-mch. Do not use flour as it will explode and burn, instead use baking soda. Any member who wishes to manufacture explosives should ask for the blueprints for explosives which have proven themselves SAFE for re-enacting uses.
The 17th GvB will not assume any responsibility resulting from safety violations, acts of stupidity, or just plain foolhardiness. PLEASE USE COMMON SENSE!
Bayonets will NOT be affixed for combat, this is just plain stupid and dangerous. Bayonets may be affixed ONLY for sentry duty. This must be approved by the commanding officer.


The l7th SS Gtz von Berlichingen living history unit involves vehicle(s) which are privately owned by unit members. Care should be taken when operating or riding in or on the vehicle(s). Any member who wishes to operate a vehicle must posses a drivers license, both modern and period for that vehicle. Occasionally these vehicles break down and it is up to the unit to help maintain them either by monetary dues or doing the wok ourselves. We are all expected to help out in this area if we want to continue to be a motorized unit.
Every member must also be willing to fall out and perform an infantry role when needed.
Any member who brings a vehicle to an event must have that vehicle properly insured.
Any vehicle used in the field should be equipped with the following equipment:
    shovel or spade
    first aid kit
    tow strap or chain
    spare parts
    spare tire
    full gas can
Any and all unit members fully agree that they ride, operate, work on, or participate with anything to do with the vehicle(s) do so at their own risk.